Press pre-registration is closed, however, you may register onsite in Cancun for complimentary press access to the meeting.

News Media registrants receive, at no charge, a badge that provides access to all scientific sessions of the meeting. Eligibility for press registration is limited to the following persons:

  • Working press employed by bona fide news media outlets who regularly report news on the Earth and space sciences. These registrants must present a press card, business card, or a letter from an editor of a recognized news media outlet assigning you to cover the 2013 Meeting of the Americas.
  • Freelance science journalists and science bloggers who present evidence of three (3) bylined news reports in the Earth and space sciences intended for the general public and published in 2013 or 2012.
  • Public information/press officers of scientific societies, educational institutions, and government agencies who present a business card or a link to a web page listing them as staff.

Please note: Scientists who will be presenting at the meeting and who are also reporting from the meeting for bona fide news media outlets may be issued news media credentials. However, everyone who presents at the meeting must also register for the meeting as a regular attendee and pay the appropriate fee as a presenter.

Representatives of publishing houses, the business side of news media, political action committees or similar, and for-profit corporations must register on the main registration page of the meeting and pay the appropriate fees, regardless of possession of any of the above credentials; they will not be accredited as news media at the meeting.

All press badges will be issued solely at the discretion of the AGU Public Information Office.